What is Natal Hypnotherapy™

Natal Hypnotherapy™ prepares women emotionally, physically and mentally for conception, pregnancy and birth.  Women learn a combination of self hypnosis techniques, deep relaxation and guided visualization to help them overcome fears, create a state of calm and relaxation, be more confident and so have a calmer, more relaxed pregnancy and birth.  The impact can be incredible not only for the woman but also the birth partner. Birth partners have an important role to play during the labour and birth. Partners are able to act effectively to support the woman in labour, tending to their needs without having to ask what is required, create the woman’s safe place for them and liaise effectively with the medical team.

The method was developed by UK Clinical Hypnotherapist Maggie Howell in 2000 and has helped tens of thousands of women in the UK.

Is Natal Hypnotherapy™ recognised by the medical profession?

Yes, over 2300 midwives and birth professionals across the UK are now recommending Natal Hypnotherapy™ techniques. In addition hypnotherapy is an accepted therapeutic practice, having been recognised by the British Medical Association since 1955. In March 2013 Natal Hypnotherapy™ also received accreditation from the Royal College of Midwives.

What do women have to do to learn the techniques?

Women learn Natal Hypnotherapy™ techniques in two ways. They can listen to a series of relaxing CDs in the privacy of their own home where a soothing voice guides them into a calm state, teaching breathing and relaxation, followed by positive suggestions designed to increase the listeners trust and confidence. The comprehensive range of CDs are available from the shop section of the website and cover all aspects of pregnancy from preparing to conceive through to support with breastfeeding.

The most effective way to learn Natal Hypnotherapy™ techniques is to attend a Natal Hypnotherapy™ workshop. The courses teach more in depth self hypnosis skills plus a wide range of practical and informative tools and techniques to help both mother and her birth partner feel more confident and prepared for birth.  All courses are monitored and regulated to ensure a consistently high standard of tuition.

Do women recommend Natal Hypnotherapy™?

Based on a survey of 768 mums who responded to a post natal questionnaire, 98% would recommend the CDs as an essential part of their pregnancy kit.

Does it work?

In short YES! Clinical Research show that the use of hypnosis for childbirth results in: –

  • reduced surgical intervention
  • reduced use of pain relief medication
  • better outcomes for your baby
  • faster postnatal recovery
  • shorter labour

Further information?

Further information about Natal Hypnotherapy™, research and birth stories can be found on their website: Natal Hypnotherapy™