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Hello, my name is Caroline Graham and I am a licensed Natal Hypnotherapy™ Practitioner, NCT antenatal, baby massage and yoga with baby practitioner.

Many congratulations on your pregnancy or new arrival. Enjoy browsing this site and if I can be of any assistance, or if you wish to book a course please contact me

Baby Massage & Yoga with Baby

** If you have already had your baby you may wish to go straight to my postnatal courses using this link**


Here are some testimonials from previous clients:

Nikki – Baby George arrived after a fairly speedy labour on Wednesday evening. Contractions didn’t really regulate til 9:30pm and baby arrived at 11:19pm with a recorded second stage of 1 minute!! As for the labour, I think everybody was very amazed at how calm I was from beginning to end. I will be shouting the benefits of Hypnotherapy to everyone who will listen. I shocked myself with my ability to completely zone out of a contraction and managed to visualise myself elsewhere for the majority.I was also amazed at how much I managed to tune in to the pushing (as quick as it was). To feel every moment of baby being born like that was such a surreal experience and one I will never forget.It was utterly perfect and such a calm and amazing experience for absolutely everyone and I certainly have you and Hypnotherapy to thank for that.

Rich & Alex – We wanted to let you know that Charles was born yesterday morning at 04.31 at Melton birth centre weighing 8lb 15.5oz.  It all kicked off quite strongly and quickly in the end – contractions started at about four minutes apart and rapidly got closer together so not as much time for the project as we’d hoped! No dusting/cleaning etc for us before we headed off and it took about six hours in total, which was much quicker than we’d thought it would be.  The hypnotherapy worked really well, I had to resort to a bit of gas and air at the end but the music and the pool got me most of the way there, thank you so much.

Zahida – Caroline’s hypnobirthing course has been very useful in reframing negative perceptions of birth. She provided lots of tools to help with the birth including massage and positive affirmations. I would thoroughly recommend her.

Ursula – Caroline explained the techniques very clearly and has such a naturally calm approach that I couldn’t help but feel relaxed and positive. I’m so glad I attended and, even though I am having an elective caesarean, I can still use the Natal Hypnotherapy™ techniques to help me relax and feel more positive before the birth

J from Yoga with baby  – Thank you so much Caroline. I was a bit apprehensive as to how my baby would be, but she loved the bits on my tummy so much she fell asleep. Was also a positive experience being on Zoom as I could mute when she was grizzly. Was also just what I needed, rediscovering muscles my body had forgotten about!

Sarah from Yoga with Baby – This was a brilliant course and I’d highly recommend it – Caroline has designed some brilliant yoga lessons using nursery rhymes whilst doing yoga positions so that the babies stay entertained and mums get to work on core strength and flexibility.

Vina from Baby Massage – Great class, learnt a gentle massage routine accompanied with nursery rhymes for baby which he really enjoys and now I can use the techniques at home! Caroline is lovely! Definitely recommend to any new mums!

A huge thank you to Nadine at ZeroGrav Media for taking the amazing photos of  clients and their babies for this website.